November 14th, 2019

London Derivatives Exchange are pleased to announce the next phase of their partnership with INVAO Trading AG (“INVAO”) in the launch of their Security Token Offering (“STO”). INVAO joins a growing number of high- quality companies partnering with LDX to bring their token to market.

LDX will partner with INVAO on its token placement of $20,000,000. During the next phase of the partnership, LDX will assist INVAO in raising capital for the private placement of INVAO’s IVO token. Any qualifying parties interested in discussing interest in the placement may contact LDXA at or visit the Investor section of the LDX website:


INVAO Group is a Blockchain Investment Management company with a presence in Berlin, Liechtenstein, and Dubai. With a team of experienced traders, successful entrepreneurs, and investment professionals, INVAO develops tokenised financial securities enabling investors to participate in the growth potential of blockchain technology across various industries.

With its flagship product, the IVO – Blockchain Diversified Bond (ISIN: LI0471823018), INVAO enables investors to access a globally diversified portfolio of blockchain assets represented in one single token, providing a straightforward way to invest in blockchain as an asset class. Deploying AI-based automated trading strategies and active portfolio management, INVAO aims to outperform the market at all times while offering effective downside protection. Trading profits are reinvested in the value of the digital portfolio to ensure sustainable long-term value creation.

Vj Angelo CEO of LDX

“LDX are delighted to be part of this cutting-edge platform and we look forward to working closely with INVAO’s team and our partners to ensure a successful placement and launch of their STO on the LDX platform. We are excited to see our Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) sector grow with reputable firms such as INVAO.”

Frank Wagner CEO and Co-Founder of INVAO

“The partnership with LDX allows us to offer our token to investors in a regulated and professional environment. Regulated secondary markets are paramount to the development of a functioning token economy. Both LDX and INVAO are pioneers in this space which is why we see great potential in this partnership.’’

For further information, please contact: