December 16th, 2019

LDXA (part of the LDX Group) today announced that an agreement in principle has been reached for Karim Peer to join as Chief Executive Officer in early 2020. Karim will use his extensive experience developing and running numerous companies to continue the successful growth of LDXA.

Karim has over 20 years as CEO of UK and International companies. He has worked with established businesses, growth companies and start-ups. His experience extends to running and leading regulated businesses (FCA) and dealing with multiple complex stakeholders including government, financial regulators, funding bodies, NGOs, regulatory agencies and investors.

He has worked in a number of business sectors transforming companies to deliver growth globally. These include Financial Services, Technology, Sustainability and Traceability, Supply Chain and Gaming.

Karim speaks French, Spanish and Portuguese. Having lived, worked and developed businesses in Latin America (Argentina) and North America (New York), he has also worked extensively across Africa (Cameroon, DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa) and Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong).

Karim’s experience and strengths will ensure the success of LDXA and all of its clients, delivering real focus and capital raising targets in the public and private markets, helping to realise their true potential.

Karim will replace current interim CEO, Vj Angelo, who will step back to Chairman of LDXA.

Vj Angelo CEO of LDXG: 

“LDX are excited to welcome Karim to our team and look forward to him joining our business in the new year.  I am confident that he will develop LDXA to ensure a successful placement and launch of all of our Digital Security Offerings on the LDX platform.

We believe Karim’s experience and adoption of this early method of fund-raising with his longer-term goals in the use of Digital Securities, demonstrate his wider spread faith in the new technologies and their opportunities.”

Karim Peer: 

“I am looking forward to joining LDXA in early 2020.  I believe the creation of LDX’s new Digital Security and its associated Revenue Share Security will provide growth companies with a new way of raising investment capital whilst giving investors a new asset class in which to invest. By disrupting the traditional fund-raising methods, I look forward to helping LDXA attract new companies to its platform and assisting them in raising new investment capital, through private placement of the new Digital Securities.”

About LDX Exchange and LDXA
LDX has now signed over fifteen (15) corporate clients for delivery of proprietary digital products and services, while LDXA has successfully developed a pipeline across all asset classes. During the fourth quarter of 2019, LDX Exchange and LDXA anticipate assessing and delivering over fifty (50) new projects.

The LDXG companies and their partners are focussed on the delivery of an exchange and custodian solution incorporating Blockchain and Smarter contracts to provide a trading and settlement mechanism for Digital Securities and Assets. The products will break new ground in innovation and agility in a structure recognisable to all major players, though based on a new technology stack. The whole ecosystem is designed for ease of adoption while providing speed, agility and economic benefits to all participants.

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