October 23rd 2019

London Derivatives Exchange are pleased to announce their partnership with INVAO Trading AG (INVAO) in the launch of their Security Token Offering, for their first financial product, the IVO – Blockchain Diversified Bond (ISIN: LI0471823018).

LDX is using its existing market structure and processes to partner with INVAO for the launch of its $20 million USD STO, which is currently in primary offering and has recently completed its second subscription round. Working alongside Hex Trust Hong Kong who is providing the custodian and trust services and Smarter Contracts who have developed the smart contracts which underpin the Tokens, the LDX platform will assist INVAO in bringing their Tokens to market in a private placement to accredited and eligible investors.

INVAO is a global Blockchain Investment Management company that develops sophisticated financial products to enable investors to participate in Blockchain’s growth potential.

With the IVO – Blockchain Diversified Bond (IVO), INVAO offers a risk-managed, diversified and liquid access to the broader blockchain market in form of a single token. Deploying AI-based automated trading strategies and active risk management, INVAO aims to outperform the market while offering effective downside protection. Since the beginning of this year, the IVO bond has outperformed the index of the largest crypto assets (benchmark) by more than 100%.

The IVO Bond is based on a securities prospectus accepted by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority and has been passported to UK and other EU countries. All trading profits are reinvested back into the token price, as well increasing value of the underlying crypto asset portfolio. Purchasing IVO tokens supports social impact and ecological projects globally.

Vj Angelo, CEO of LDX

“LDX is looking forward to being a part of this innovative project and working closely with INVAO and all of our associate partners in the ecosystem to ensure a successful placement and launch of the STO on the LDX platform.

We believe that INVAO’s application of this new method of fund-raising along with their longer-term objectives in the use of Blockchain and proprietary platforms, demonstrates the wider spread faith in the innovative technologies and the opportunities by such reputable firms. A big thankyou to the INVAO team for choosing London Derivatives Exchange and our associate companies to partner in this project.”

Frank Wagner CEO and founder of INVAO

“We are delighted to be working with LDX and associates, who have proven as invaluable and reliable partners. We are confident that by bringing our Token to the market via the LDX platform, we are able to create the necessary liquidity for our sophisticated trading strategy.

Choosing the London-based market platform, underpins our ambition to contribute to the development of a regulated European blockchain ecosystem. We are convinced that bringing blockchain investments in line with the standards of pan European financial systems, it will take the young asset class to the next level by creating a safer environment for private investors and enabling professional investors to enter the market.”


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