London Derivatives Exchange (LDX) announcement.

April 21st, 2020,

LDX are pleased to announce their partnership with Westbow in the launch of their Digital Security Offering (DSO).

LDX is utilising its existing market structure and methodologies, to partner with Westbow for the launch of their DSO, which is currently in private placement with LDXA. Working with HEX Trust Hong Kong (custodian) and Smarter Contracts (developing the smart contracts underpinning the Securities) through its platform and bespoke trading and settlement methods, LDX will help Westbow bring their Digital Securities to market.

About Westbow

Westbow Capital is a well-established family company with over 40 years of success in the Canadian real estate market and manages over $250 million in assets. Investors can leverage this experience to generate value within their portfolio. The management team seeks to deploy a dual-pronged strategy of acquiring and developing purpose-built rental properties in Canada.

Westbow Capital offers a revenue share structure through a regulated environment managed by London Derivatives Exchange (LDX). Westbow Capital provides an attractive, safe and secure hedge against recession and the erosion of traditional investment values.

Karim Peer CEO of LDXA

‘We are very grateful to Nick for choosing the LDX methodology and allowing us to help bring this project to fruition. We look forward to working closely with the team.We believe Westbow’s adoption of the DSO method of fund-raising and their longer-term goals in the use of Blockchain demonstrate the wider spread faith in the new technologies and their opportunities by such reputable firms. I want to thank Nick and the team for choosing LDX and our associate companies to partner in this project.’

Nick Westeringh CEO and Founder of Westbow

‘We at Westbow Capital are thrilled with the strategic partnership that LDX represents. We strongly believe that goal alignment is critical to our shared success. We are in an enviable position to meet growing rental demand in the Canadian residential market. Through the LDX ecosystem, we can provide access to these safe and secure real estate investments.’

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