London Derivatives Exchange (LDX) announcement.

May 27th, 2020,

London Derivatives Exchange are pleased to announce their partnership with VoiceSage in the launch of their Digital Security Offering (DSO).

LDX is utilising its existing market structure and methodologies, to partner with VoiceSage for the launch of their DSO, which is currently in private placement with LDXA. In conjunction with HEXTR Hong Kong (providing custodian and trust services) and Smarter Contracts (developing the smart contracts underpinning the Tokens), through its platform and bespoke trading and settlement methods, LDX will help VoiceSage bring their Digital Securities to market.

About VoiceSage
VoiceSage is a profitable and growing ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) business with blue-chip clients in the UK and Ireland. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Cork, with offices in London, Dublin and Birmingham.

VoiceSage has deep heritage and experience in delivering transformational interactive customer communications solutions that streamline and add value to high-volume contact activities and improve customer experience.

Household brands including PayPal, Shop Direct and Capital One, rely on VoiceSage to reduce inbound call volumes, increase appointments and deliveries, reduce debt and enable real-time customer conversations.

VoiceSage’s clients receive first class communications technology around service, support, billing, customer experience and delivery operations.

Karim Peer CEO of LDXA
‘We are very grateful to JJ for joining the LDX ecosystem and allowing us to help bring this project to fruition. We believe VoiceSage’s adoption of the DSO method demonstrates how established businesses are seeing the value of this new asset class as a means of raising capital for expansion and growth.  VoiceSage’s solutions are changing the way companies interact with their customers.
The VoiceSage team have a successful track record in supplying software to diverse organisations. I want to thank VoiceSage and JJ in particular for choosing LDX and our partner companies as their trusted partner in this project.’


JJ Kett CEO and Founder of VoiceSage
‘We are delighted to be entering the emerging alternative investment market for digital securitisation with LDX. The LDX team reflect the pioneering, entrepreneurial, innovative product development and customer focussed approach that is core to our culture in VoiceSage. Our technology focused brand is bringing disruptive communication solutions to a vast international growing market. VoiceSage products provide a valuable simplification of complex systems, helping companies to grow business, dramatically cut costs, retain customers through better service and drive significant key business metric improvements.

Today, the world is fast becoming more digital. VoiceSage is at the forefront of that transformation. We already see demand growing for our product/solutions. VoiceSage represents not just an opportunity to invest in a company with international growth potential but also an excellent hedge in the post corona virus world.’

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