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LDX is an FCA authorised trading platform, providing a wide range of services in both the traditional financial derivatives markets and now adopting the new technology and processes of digital assets.

Having created an innovative approach to futurising OTC products, post the financial crisis, to meet regulatory changes, LDX has remained at the forefront of the adoption of pioneering technology and processes.

Our aim is to meet client needs while offering simplification and cost reduction. As a result of those goals we are now adding "Security Tokens" to our product line. However our adoption is based around a secure private centralised Blockchain, trading platform and set of Wallets. Replicating existing models to provide a comfortable and understandable transition to the new world of digitisation.

Finally our technology will provide an innovative and vital cost and process saving offering for the internalisation of Block Trading listed derivatives on existing exchanges along side an open market for the same products.

Why LDX?

Lower trading fees and
reduction in the cost of capital for trading
Multiple jurisdiction authorisations, Mifid II compliant, best execution
Client-driven innovative solutions for technology products clearing
Listed derivative block trading (multiple exchanges), Security Tokens, digitised assets, Fixed Income futures, Straight Through Processing

Our Products

Listed Derivatives Block Trading
Unique mid-market matching electronic platform providing direct connectivity to multiple exchanges.
Security Tokens
Multiple asset classes traded as digitised assets. Capital Raising, Financial Markets Derivatives, Further rade-able Digitised Assets.
LDX Constant Maturity Future (CMF)
The CMF is a unique IP, developed to allow the conversion of OTC markets to centrally clear listed futures contracts, replicating the economics of the underlying market.
Security Tokens
Custodian-based segregated client accounts, real-time position.
Listed Derivatives
Electronic trade reporting and clearing through Exchange CCP.


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